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Missouri Accident Reports

Within the state of Missouri, as with several states, there is a central repository for automobile accident reports or “crash” reports.  In Missouri it is the Highway Patrol. They receive the majority, if not all, of “crash” reports and house them in their central repository database.  Law enforcement agencies are required to send a copy of their accident report to the central repository within 90 days of the accident. From there, much of that information is removed from the report and put into a database that is subsequently accessible.

The central repository now views each law enforcement agency as one of three categories. The first or main category is Highway Patrol. They file all of their report online and in house so the critical data is ready and accessible in an extremely timely fashion, normally within 3 to 5 days.

The second category are what are referred to as L.E.T.S. (Law Enforcement Traffic System) reporting agencies. Simply put, these agencies file their police reports with the central repository on line which expedites accessibility immensely, normally within 3 to 10 days. 

Lastly, there are the paper reporting law enforcement agent these and the data from their accident reports is available and accessible anywhere between three weeks and 12 weeks.

Using the First InfoSource system, tour users have the ability, in many cases, to track down or specifically identify a police report number, agency or loss location so that they can have the mission-critical data in a timely fashion or at least be able to request the police report utilizing more specific data which will inevitably assist the law enforcement records clerks in their job which will expedite the police report retrieval.

Keep in mind that Highway Patrol and L.E.T.S. agencies are reporting in a timely fashion and doing so online.  With that stated, we recommend our users focus on those agencies when attempting to improve their access to mission critical data. In order to know who is a L.E.T.S. reporting agency you can access the master list here:

L.E.T.S. Agencies:


If you need help obtaining full physical reports in tough to get jurisdictions we can highly recommend Redline Report Service at:

Jury Awards $22.7M for Fatal Fleet Crash Involving Missouri Based Employer

A wrongful death lawsuit filed in Cook County, Ill., against a Missouri-based food refrigeration systems company and a former company fleet driver has resulted in a $22.7 million jury award.

The case revolved around a May 2012 fatal crash on Interstate 294, the southern part of the Tri-State Tollway in Illinois. Aaron Swenson, a 31-year-old private investigator, was stopped in morning traffic in a construction zone when a fleet van driven by Hussmann Corp. employee Adam Troy rear-ended Swenson’s car and rammed it into a truck stopped ahead. Read More...